The Best-Selling Technique For Entrepreneurs

It should be understood that a company must have a clear positioning; the targeting phase of its prospects is therefore mandatory. The entrepreneur must, in fact, ask himself what type of buyer his products or services correspond to.

The business manager must distinguish two types of prospects: the so-called “hot” prospects, which often result from recommendations or personal acquaintances, and the “cold” prospects who will have to be prospected for the first time, without outside help. Both types of leads are absolutely necessary to generate sales and get the most out of prospecting, although, of course, their approach is different.

Cold prospects should be approached with the support of various marketing and sales techniques, prospecting calls, email campaigns, contact via social networks, etc. In general, this is the most difficult step for entrepreneurs who can, therefore, imagine outsourcing this part of the prospecting. An experienced operator can sort through an unqualified database in order to identify opportunities. By this, we mean prospects whose general profile (location, size, seniority of the company) but also the principles and values ​​are perfectly within the target of the company.

As part of this prospecting, it will be more relevant for the entrepreneur to multiply the points of contact with his highly qualified prospects; he will also give more weight to these meetings by investing in the sales process personally because ultimately, the business owner will always be the best salesperson for his business. Certain online prospecting techniques will also need to be studied because they not only save time in unnecessary calls but also limit the costs associated with these actions.

Concerning hot prospects, they generally depend on the direct network of the entrepreneur: this can be, for example, contacts linked to personal or professional acquaintances, family contacts, etc. In this case, the business manager will have to show real regular involvement in prospecting his own network: all opportunities are good to publicize his company and try to best meet the needs of his prospects, especially if those – they have been recommended to you or are close to you.

Of course, such an approach may seem “easier” in the short term, but in truth, it is a question of making a regular effort to take advantage of this type of prospecting: participation in business or entrepreneur clubs, forums on the same sector of activity, multiplication of meetings with its network, etc. A one-off meeting will obviously not have the same effect, so you have to be able to be present and sell your business on all fronts to reap the benefits.

3 Tips From Steve Jobs For Budding Entrepreneurs

In a 1995 interview with the Silicon Valley Historical Association, a video clip of which you can find below, Steve Jobs gives essential advice on entrepreneurship. The 3 main ones are translated and transcribed in this article.

Create Your Own Environment

The thing I could say is that when you grow up, you tend to let yourself be told that the world is as it is and that your life is just living inside the world, trying not to not going inside too much, trying to have a good family life, having fun, saving a little money. But life … It’s actually a very limited life.

Life can be much wider, once you discover the following simple fact: Everything around you that you call life was invented by people who weren’t smarter than you.

And you can change that; you can influence it, you can build your own things that other people can use. Once you learn this, you will never be the same again. The minute you understand that when you put your finger in, something is going, you know if you push in it, something is going to come out the other side, that you can change it, you can shape it your way, that instant is The most important.

You have to get rid of this mistaken notion that life is here, and you just have to live in it, rather than embrace it, change it, improve it, make your mark on it. I think it’s very important and when you get that down, once you learn it, you want to change your life and make it better, because it’s kind of messed up in a lot of ways. Once you learn this, you will never be the same again.

Don’t Be Afraid To Ask

In fact, I’ve always found something very true is that most people don’t get these experiences because they never ask.

I never found anyone who wouldn’t help me if I asked them for help. I always called. I called Bill Hewlett when I was twelve, and he lived in Palo Alto, his number was still in the phone book. He said, “Yes” “Hi, I’m Steve Jobs, I’m twelve, and I’m a high school student, I want to build a frequency counter, and I was wondering if you have any parts of it. spare that I could get? ”

I never found anyone who said no or hung up the phone when I called. I was just asking. And when people turn to me today, I try to be so responsive and pay off this debt of gratitude.

Most people never pick up the phone to call, most people never ask for anything, and that’s what often separates people who do things from people who just dream about it …

You Have Nothing To Lose

There is no risk. That’s why you have to do it when you’re young, that’s why we launched Apple. We thought, you know, we had absolutely nothing to lose.

We had nothing to lose and everything to gain, and we figured, even if we failed, all the experience gained would be worth ten times the cost. So what did we have to lose? There was no risk, and that’s … You know, I think that’s a very healthy way to look at it. Some people say, well, you could have gone to college and become a lawyer. Well, you are right, but you can go to college and become a lawyer when you are 25, and there is nothing stopping you.

The only thing that you really have in your life is time, and if you invest that time for yourself, to have great experiences that enrich you, then you cannot lose.

That’s why I always advise people: don’t wait, do something when you are young when you have nothing to lose. Keep this in mind. I think this is the best way. It’s not that people can’t start businesses when they’re 50; I’ve seen it done, and very successful businesses.